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Audiovox Acoustic Research AW825 Review: Is It worth Your Money?


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Audiovox Acoustic Research AW825 Mission Style Wireless Outdoor Speaker is said to provide superior audio performance wherever it is placed. Since the sound it can produce is clear and powerful, consumers have been impressed by what it can do for them. Particularly, on a bunch of discussions on the internet, as well as in other reviews, positive remarks have been relayed about it. Here, in this Audiovox Acoustic Research AW825 review, you’re about to find out more about the product.

What Is Audiovox Acoustic Research AW825 Mission Style Wireless Outdoor Speaker?

Audiovox AW825 Mission Style Outdoor Speaker from Acoustic Research is among the new batch of wireless devices built to be the ultimate sound systems regardless of the environment. Since it can play music, films, videos, and other media in top-notch quality, it can be an ideal accessory to bring with you almost anywhere. Whether you are in the comfort of your own home, at your friend’s backyard, or on the go, it can serve as a good source of entertainment.

Product Features of Audiovox Acoustic Research AW825

  • 3” receiver; 2” speaker
  • 900 MHz Omni-directional transmission
  • Dual power mode: six AA batteries/AC adapter
  • 150 feet maximum range
  • 40 Hz to 15 kHz frequency response
  • 3 selectable broadcast frequencies
  • Automatic level control
  • iPhone, iPod, and iPad compatible
  • Mini jack stereo audio input


  • Affordable
  • Clear reception within a wide range
  • Durable and weather-resistant
  • Easy-to-install and comes with standard instructions


  • Cannot be mounted to the wall

As consumers who have purchased the product would agree, Acoustic Research’s AW825 Mission Style’s superb performance tops off its impressive line-up of advantageous features. But, while others have been swept away by the outdoor speaker, some choose to be bothered about the fact that it cannot be mounted or planted to the wall. According to them, it can be inconvenient. Since it is portable, can stand, and can easily be hung, however, the fact that the product does not come with a mount should not be a major concern.

What Makes Audiovox Acoustic Research AW825 Stand Out among Other Outdoor Speakers?

  • Automatic Lock Function
    Since Mission Style AW826 is engineered with an automatic lock function, it can retain the current mode it is on. Unlike similar wireless speakers, the operations cannot easily be disrupted. Granted you have it successfully set up, the featured media will not be altered unless you touch the controls yourself.
  • Design
    The fact that Acoustic Research’s AW825 comes with a two-way design is another reason some consumers prefer it to other wireless outdoor speakers. Wherever it is situated, it can complement with a clean and elegant look. In its form, it is appealing and can smoothly blend in different environments.
  • Effortless File Transfer
    AW825, like other Audiovox Wireless devices, is compatible with Bluetooth and smart phones, as well as other audio and digital equipment. To it, transferring audio can be accomplished seamlessly within a couple of minutes. Whether they are obtained from a computer, television, tablet, stereo, or any other devices, music, film, and/or video clip can easily be recognized.
  • Expandable
    Since the AW825 Mission Style Wireless is expandable, it can cater to a large crowd for indoor and outdoor events. Even though the level of audio it provides may already suffice, you are privileged with the option of connecting it with multiple speakers to establish a desired level of loudness. With devices in its cluster, not only will you probably receive sound with poor quality, you may not get to install additional systems from it.
  • Flexible
    If you want, you can choose to use batteries to run Acoustic Research Wireless AW825. Compared to a few outdoor devices of the sort, the quality it delivers will not easily be affected even when a different power source is used. Not having a grand electricity supply does not have to be a problem. Despite not being plugged in, it can provide media as clear and crisp as it normally does.
  • Light
    Since Acoustic Research Audiovox AW825 is light, many consumers are grateful at how they can easily bring it with them on trips. If you regularly go out and about, you will not be forced to leave behind your entertainment source. Since you will not have to dismantle and reassemble every time you visit other places, it can save you time and effort.
  • Simple Navigation System
    Audiovox AW825 Mission Style Wireless Outdoor Speakers come with a simple navigation system. Other devices in the category may require you to ask for assistance from a professional concerning the installation process. With it, on the other hand, it does not matter if you are not technology-savvy. Having it initially set up can be done quickly. So long as you could understand basic technical terms and follow basic instructions, using the device will not be a challenge.The chief edge that an Acoustic Research Wireless AW825 Outdoor Speaker has over other products in its category is that it does not come with usage restrictions. While you can use it exclusively for personal purposes, you should not miss out on the versatility it can offer. Whether you intend to have it installed in your home or you can make arrangements for it to provide a full-on surround sound for a grand audience, you will not be having a difficult time either way.

Whom Is Audiovox Acoustic Research AW825 for?

The Mission Style AW825 Wireless Speaker is ideal for everyone who appreciates being surrounded with high-quality audio regardless of his location. Particularly, those going camping will find it handy; it can be operated with six AA batteries. Additionally, since it can return almost flawless reception of up to 150 feet, having a worthwhile time outdoors is possible. With the Audiovox outdoor device, purchasing other audio equipment to achieve the desired sound quality is unnecessary.

About the Creator of Audiovox Acoustic Research AW825

Audiovox Acoustic Research AW825 Mission Style Wireless Outdoor Speaker is brought to you by the team at Acoustic Research – the same fellows who introduced the world’s 1st universal remote control in 1983. The bunch is composed of innovative thinkers who work ways around the most advanced technologies. Apart from the reputation it holds as a respectable music reproduction chain for over 60 years, it is known as a group consistent in coming up with new audio and video equipment that come with first-rate quality.

How Much Is the Audiovox Acoustic Research AW825?

Stated in similar Audiovox Acoustic Research AW825 reviews, the AW825 Wireless can be availed of for $99 on the market. The superior value and excellent sound quality it can provide make it reasonable and affordable. There may be outdoor speakers that cost less but since these may not be designed for as powerful a performance as Acoustic Research’s product, you would have to reconsider if they are worth taking home.


Audiovox Acoustic Research AW825
Reviewed by Liam on
Affordable, Clear reception within a wide range, Durable
Audiovox Acoustic Research AW825 Review: Affordable, Clear reception within a wide range, Durable and weather-resistant, Easy-to-install. Recommended!
Rating: 4.5

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